Paws For A Moment?

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Recently I posted about Hillbilly Can Holders that were featured in this goofy catalog we get in the mail.  Some of you commented that they looked a little ridiculous but that you’d consider actually buying them.  Other folks wrote that they actually HAVE used them in the past.

And I’m man enough to admit you may have swayed me a bit.  I haven’t decided to go out and get me a set of those things but I can at least appreciate the benefits of having them at certain times.  Like when you’re throwing parties in empty fields and no one has enough sense to bring a chair or table.

Today I have another item from this catalog to share.  This one is a book.  A book encouraging you to PAWS FOR A MOMENT WITH GOD.

You should pray for a cat who will clean it's own litter box.

You should pray for a cat who will clean it’s own litter box.

Before you write any nasty comments you need to know I love animals.  Sure I prefer dogs to cats but I have no problems with cats.  That grumpy cat cracks me up!

And I wouldn’t fault or poke fun at someone who prays or shows their faith in their own way.  We all have different levels of spiritualism and the freedom to .  It’s one of the things that makes this country great.

HOWEVER…  at the bottom of this book it says “Devotions Best Enjoyed In The Company Of A Cat” and that just made me laugh.  Are there people out there who will buy this book, grab their favorite feline and plop down in front of a fire to read these out loud?  And if so, will the cat do anything more than lick itself and go to sleep?

And as a guy who likes to write and has published a book myself…  can someone please tell me how an author decided this book HAD to be written?  And more important how in the holy-cat-farting-hell did some publisher buy it?!??!?

I want to buy this book just so that I can find out who the publisher is.  I will then go to the home of the publishing company president and explain to this person that there are a million authors out there self publishing books far superior to this crap.  Lastly I’ll punch this person in the balls (or boobs) for all of you folks who have ever considered writing a book.

You’re welcome!



Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket

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Like many of you I fill out NCAA Tournament brackets.  I do it every year and actually won the pool once years ago, but for the most part I never get close.  I never get close because the people who usually win know NOTHING about sports.

This doesn’t really bother me.  I do happen to know a fair amount about sports but filling out these brackets is as much about luck as it is about skill.  And as you know it’s often better to be lucky than to be good.

So finally, here is some insight into the mind of these non-sports people that pull a winning bracket out of thin air.  Here is a bracket as filled out by your typical non-sports fan:

Guaranteed to win you the money

Guaranteed to win you the money


There you have it…. good luck to all!



The Library Lurker

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I have said this here before, but strange things happen just to the east of us.  Odd situations with weird people.  Things most of humanity just can’t understand.  These things happen in the unusual and sometimes disturbing place known as Wisconsin.  There are some incredibly messed up people living in that state.  Ok, not ALL of them are messed up… and yes there are some freaks here in the land of 10,000 lakes too.

But every few weeks I come across a story of some new perversion or idiocy coming from the land of cheese… Wisconsin.  The latest “Only in Wisconsin” moment comes to us from the city of Racine and involves this man… Tyree Carter.  He gets a special distinction.  According to the Wisconsin courts he is now:


He's a book-loving clown-boxer.

He’s a book-loving clown-boxer.

As you can imagine, it takes more than just reading to get banned from a library.  It takes masturbation.  Out in the open.  For everyone to see and no desire to hide what he was doing.  Yep, that’s what our friend Tyree was up to.  This may be a tough ban to enforce…  what if he decides to do a little reading in Romania.  Or check out some books in Bangladesh.  Or visit a Library in Lithuania.  Or do some fiction aisle fondling in France.  Will his picture be posted on bookshelves around the world?

Beware of this Jerker

Have you seen this chicken choker?

Caution: Book loving banana buffer on the loose.”

But I get the feeling his love of books is secondary to the love.. uhh… of himself.  So maybe the libraries of the world are indeed safe.  Even so, you may be safer to stay home with your kindle… and read my book!



Hillbilly Beer Holders

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Those of you who have been following me for awhile know I get these weird catalogs in the mail every few months.  Well, technically my Lady Friend gets them but as soon as she does she hands them right over to me because they are always good for a few laughs and often good for blog material.

I’ve written articles about things featured in these catalogs over the years.. things like lighted birdhouses, belts that have holsters for beer cans and teddy bear towel holders.  Basically crap.

The other day another one of these catalogs came in the mail and I’ve found a few more things to share with you over the coming weeks… starting with these “Outdoor Beverage Holders” which are really Hillbilly beer stakes:

Old Milwaukee sold separately?

Old Milwaukee sold separately?

I understand people like to sit out in their yards and drink beer.  I have a nice deck and patio area and am looking forward to warm outdoor beer drinking weather myself.  But who the hell can’t hold their own cans?  Or put them on a table?  Or a cup holder on their chair?

The only way I would find this useful is if I was forced to sit on the ground.  And quite frankly if I can’t afford to buy a chair I probably shouldn’t be spending money on beer.  Zoom in on that photo and you’ll see this at the bottom corner:

Perfect for drinking Boone's Farm!

Perfect for drinking Boone’s Farm!

It’s for those classy folks who can’t afford chairs, but are too good for beer.  Now they have their own holder for wine glasses.  Hillbilly wine glasses?  I don’t have much more to add about that… though I am guessing the beer holders get a lot more use.

I suppose if you have a lounge chair lower to the ground these could come in handy, though you’d never catch me in a lounge chair.  And even in that case do you really need SIX of these?  One would suffice.

I’ve got a few more of these stupid catalog items ready for future posts!


In My Dreams

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You know what I am really good at?  Other than complaining?  Sleeping.  You know what I am not so good at?  Falling asleep.  I’ve never been one of those “asleep before my head hits the pillow” kind of people.  The amount of time I lie there TRYING to sleep before ACTUALLY sleeping ranges from 15 – 60 minutes.  In extreme cases in can be a few hours, with me getting up an watching TV, reading or surfing the internet in between bouts of tossing and turning.  But I won’t surf porn.  Porn in the dead of the night is just creepy!

I do this all the time.

When I do sleep, I dream.  Vivid, bizarre, often humorous dreams of the most random shit you can imagine.  I’ve always remembered my dreams which can be both a good thing and a disturbing thing.  And the things I find funny in my dreams are generally stupid as hell when I wake up – even by my own immature humor standards.

I can’t count how many times I have thought to myself in those first moments after waking that I need to write down something I said or did in a dream because it was so damn funny.  Then as reality creeps in and I become a little more alert I realize it’s not funny.  At all.  Like a farting duck.

Ok, you got me, that never happened… I can only WISH I’d dream about something as funny as a farting duck.

But this week I had a couple funny dreams that stood up to the bright lights of the next day.  One of them involved the Lady Friend and myself in Vegas.  Have I mentioned Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the world.  It is.  I’ve been there about a dozen times and am always itching to go back.  In this dream we were wandering around the casino where we were staying and stumbled onto a small hole in the floor.  Inside this hole was a wad of cash.  As any sane person would do, I quickly grabbed the cash.  I didn’t bother counting, just stuffing it in my pocket as quickly and nonchalantly as possible.

Then I noticed a dude all the way across the casino coming towards me – he’d seen me snag the money.  Even from quite a distance this guy looked unsavory.  He was the stereotypical mafia type: big, dumb, mean and ugly.  Not the kind of dude you want to mess with.  So we got the hell out of there darting and dodging between slot machines and people.  I knew he was far enough away that he didn’t get a good look at either of us so I told the Lady Friend to head to up our room while I hit the streets to lose him that way.  I had the money and he saw me grab it so I knew he would follow me.. which he did.

Hee Hee.

Out on the strip this guy kept following, though still from a distance as I can be pretty quick when being chased by a thug!  I quickly ran around a corner and into the side door of a casino before this hoodlum could see where I went.  My first thought was GET RID OF THIS CASH.  Anyone who has ever been in a casino knows that a quick way to do that would be to put it into a slot machine and then “cash out” to get one of those receipts you bring to the cashier.  At least I wouldn’t have a wad of cash on me anymore.  But no… I decided I wanted to spend it on food.  Lots of food.  All that running made me hungry so I stopped at every food stand, eating everything I could.  Then in my dream wisdom I decided I needed a costume so I bought a giant wig, some bright goofy clothes and over-sized sunglasses.

This idea worked… I walked right past the bad dude who was standing on the corner looking for me.  When I got back to the hotel room my Lady Friend was pissed off at me for spending all the money (along with some of my own) on that random crap.  I guess me being alive wasn’t good enough for her.

Then I woke up, giggling.



I Have Discovered My Super Power

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Before reading this you may want to read my post on Monday about my complaining ways.  Things piss me off in life, and I usually feel the need to tell people about it.  If that makes me a complainer (or a bitcher) then so be it.

This has never bothered me in the past, but in recent weeks I’ve started to wonder if seeing the world from such a negative viewpoint is the healthiest way to go through life.  For the most part I have always been a glass half-full kind of dude.  I can see the beauty in things pretty easily.  But when it comes to morons, idiots, stupid people and the crap they put the rest of us through I have little patience.

Last week while on vacation I caught an episode of a show I didn’t even realize was on TV.  The Jeff Probst Show.  He is the dude that hosts Survivor and apparently has a daytime talk show now where he interviews people.  The things you miss out on by having a job huh?

Anyway on this particular episode Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Corolla were on talking about their Love Line days, as well as what they are up to now.  Incidentally I used to listen to Love Line on the radio all the time – that was some funny shit.  But Jeff Probst brought up something to Adam Corolla that got my attention.  Adam is a master complainer.  He can take any topic and find some reason to bitch about it.

They tested this by having an audience member throw out a random topic (birthdays) and he went on a rant about it.  I am 100% positive I can do this exact same thing.  I’ve tried a couple times with the Lady Friend and found it quite easy to piss and moan about almost any subject.  I can even find things to bitch about with things I ENJOY like sports and beer.

So I am now embracing it.  My super power is complaining and I’m damn proud of it!!


Complainers Anonymous?

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They always say the first step towards getting better is admitting you have a problem right?  Well I have a problem…  I am a Bitch-A-Holic.  This is nothing new and there was no recent moment of enlightenment.  I have always done a lot of bitching, pretty much my whole life.

And I have always recognized these complaining tendencies.  In fact complaining for me is like an art form.  The world and the stupid people that we are forced to endure each day are my canvas, my negative attitude is my paint and my verbal creativity is my brush.  I’m cool with that.

I have discovered that this may be something to be proud of… in a weird sort of way.  I’ll write more about that in my next post.

This wouldn't stop me from complaining.

This wouldn’t stop me from complaining.

I’ll admit my complaining can occasionally be without merit, but more often something has happened to really irk me.  Just last week, my Lady Friend and I were on vacation and we stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few items, well below the 12 items or less threshold for the express lane.  Despite that lane having an extra person or two waiting I hopped right in, figuring they have less crap so it should go quicker… right?  This theory would hold up if the person doing the “checking out” realized it was an EXPRESS LANE.

Or more accurately if the manager assigning duties to the employees realized it was an express lane.  In this particular case they chose the chattiest, slowest employee they had on their roster and plopped her down in the express lane.  Well after people paid she was still asking them questions about their lives.  Meanwhile, the eye-daggers I was sending her from the back of the line was not moving things along.

I watched people in the normal lanes whipping through faster than we were.  When it was my turn to pay I pushed my check card into her face before she even finished ringing up the total.  And as the transaction was ending, I had my bags in hand, starting to walk away as she handed me the receipt – lest she attempt to make conversation and piss off more people behind me.

Some people would shake this off and forget it, but I complained about this incident to everyone who would listen.  My name is Jon… they call me the Simple Dude.  And I am a Bitch-A-Holic.

As I mentioned earlier, there may be a bright side to this addiction… I am thinking it through now and will write more in a couple days.


P.S. Oh, and we had a great vacation – though it sucks to be back in “winter” now.  I’ll post more about that with pictures later too!