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I’m cheap.  Dirt cheap really.  

Promote your product, company, website or blog!

Banner ads are available along the right sidebar of Simple Dude in a Complex World, and other advertising opportunities exist as well. averages between 300 – 500 page views per day, including a large number of new first time viewers.  Ads can be purchased weekly or monthly and are probably less than you spend on coffee.   

For a 150 x 150 banner ad along the sidebar of prices are as follows, in US dollars:


Weekly:  $6

Monthly: $20


I told you it was probably cheaper than your coffee habit.  It’s a lot cheaper than mine!

With both packages I will pimp you in a blog post, including your button, encouraging my followers to check you out.  I will also retweet blog posts or product links for you once per week with either package – but you’ll have to tweet it to me, otherwise I will most definitely forget!

Email simpledudemail (at) for more info.