About Me

Who is The Simple Dude? 
As the blog title suggests, I consider myself to be a pretty simple guy just making his way through a complex world.  For more specifics, read my postings..  but here are some basics to start:  
I am a 30-something city dwelling professional living in Minnesota.  Like most guys I like cars, sports and beer but I also like movies, TV, music, reading, writing and am a fan of pop culture.  Oh, and I have a shitload of opinions on all those things.  
What can you expect from the blog?  Simple Dude in a Complex World is sometimes profound, often humorous and always entertaining. 
To be honest, I don’t think the world is all that complex.  We just have a tendency to MAKE it that way.  My goal is to simplify things a bit, so stick around!
Have ideas, suggestions or just want to bitch about something?  Email me:  simpledudemail @ gmail.com

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