So Long Simple Dude?

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Blogging, Writing | Posted on 22-07-2013

I’m now about 7 weeks into married life and we’re still together.  No big fights or arguments.  Not that we ever fought before either… it’s kind of nice to be with someone you enjoy spending time with.  What the hell was I doing the first 35 years of my life?

I mentioned in the last post that some changes are coming here.  I am not sure when this will all happen, but my plan is to abandon THE SIMPLE DUDE persona.  It’s a tough decision as it’s become sort of a “brand” for me, but to be honest I haven’t been doing much here lately anyway.

I’d have no problem with someone feeling this way about me.. as long as they were giving me a cake.

The idea I have is to take the website I built around my book 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse and tweak that to feature my writing.  Which of course means I’ll have to actually WRITE.  I’ve been working on a collection of short stories for some time and am nowhere near being done.  Ideally I’d like to have 8 – 10 stories to publish in an e-book.  I have some done and some partially written but lets just say I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me.  Life keeps getting in the way.  Oh, and my job too.  Friggin’ job.

Why the hell can’t I just win the lottery and write full time?  Ok, I probably wouldn’t write FULL time.  I’d have to make time to drink.  Maybe I’d write drunk?  Speaking of being drunk, has anyone seen the new show DRUNK HISTORY on Comedy Central?  It’s brilliant, especially if you have a SIMPLE mind like I do.

Anyway… I don’t know when this will all take place, but most likely end of summer or early fall.  Who knows.  I’ll forward traffic from this THESIMPLEDUDE.COM url over to the other site, but much of this site’s content will be gone…  like a fart in the wind.

I’ll also change my Twitter handle and Facebook page at some point, since I’ll be using my real name.  My name is Jon by the way.  And if you didn’t know that, shame on you… it means you haven’t bought my book!  Damn you!

What does this mean?  Frankly… not much.  I won’t be posting blog updates as often as I used to.  Hopefully more than I have been the last few months though…  like that would be hard.  A blind monkey could be a more prolific blogger than what I’ve done lately.

When it all goes down I’ll give all you kids a heads up.  And I will probably post here occasionally in the meantime.  Until then, just rock out with your…  dock out.  You know… like in a lake.

SD (for now)



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