It Was A SIMPLE Wedding

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It’s been awhile.  I didn’t even realize just how long it had been since my last post until I logged in to start writing this one.   It’s been a busy six weeks for me.  No I haven’t been in jail, on the run from the law or kidnapped by pirates and taken to a sweat shop on a tropical island, forced to make eye patches and wooden legs.  Though in a sick way that sounds kind of fun.

As you probably guessed based on my posts over the last few months I am now married.  The Simple Dude is no longer a Single Dude.  I guess that makes me a little less Simple these days.

The Lady Friend and I tied the knot on June 1st in a quick little ceremony.  Then we went up north to a kick ass little resort along the north shore of Lake Superior for a few days, just to get away.  We’ll plan to do an true honeymoon this winter.  You know, someplace warm – away from the cold bitter hell that is a Minnesota winter.

Here are a couple pics I took that week “up north” as the kids around here like to say:

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

North Shore of Lake Superior

North Shore of Lake Superior

It was a beautiful week up there.  I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. but have always thought that the north shore of Superior is probably similar.  The Lady Friend (or The Wifey??) and I are big into hiking and those pics were taken along a couple of our hikes.  Then at night we’d crack open a bottle or two of wine and sit out on the deck right above the lake, listening to the waves crash while we got loopy!

If I had known getting married would be this relaxing I might have tried it before!

A few weeks after the wedding we had a big party at our house.  We just moved into this place last summer so this served as both a reception and sort of a house warming party since a lot of friends and extended family had not seen our place yet.  That was a little stressful as we had more than 80 people come throughout the day.  But it was a good time.

Oh and we got some cool free shit and took in a bunch of cash.  Damn I love presents.

That pretty much gets you all caught up on my life.  Marriage has been pretty cool, though to be honest we have been living together for nearly 3 years now so being married hasn’t changed much.  Though I do have this annoying ring om my finger that I am just now finally getting used to five weeks later.  I’ve never been a jewelry kind of dude but I’m coming around.

AS FOR THIS BLOG…  there will be some major changes.  I am not completely abandoning it, but will be changing things up in the coming months.  I’ll tell you more about that in my next post, hopefully within a week or so.  The changes will help me to write more offline yet still stay in touch with you peeps.

Stay tuned…




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