Wedded Bliss Here I Come

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If you have never been to The Indie Chicks website you are missing out.  Don’t let the name fool you either, it’s not just about Chicks or just for Chicks.  I myself have spent plenty of time reading articlesthere and I am not a chick.  Not even close.  I have also written a few articles over there myself promoting my book.  You’ve read that right?  No?  Come one, it’s hilarious!

As you may or may not know… the Lady Friend and I are getting married this summer.  And coincidentally The Indie Chicks recently asked if I would be willing to write a few more articles for them.  So I decided, what better topic to write about then the end of my life!  My single life that is.  Jeez, I hope my Lady Friend doesn’t read this.

Since I am not your typical groom, getting married for the very first time at the ripe old age of 40, I thought I could bring a unique perspective to a whole process.  Which is what I am doing over the course of a few articles over there.

The first one went up today and is published under my pen name Jon.  I know, what a weird name to choose right?

I’d love you like a case of beer if you did me a favor and clicked over to read it.  And please comment there – I’d love to hear what you peeps think!

SD aka Jon



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