My Urinal Pet PEEve

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Stupid People | Posted on 18-04-2013

One thing that has always bugged me… people who drop their gum in a urinal.  For starters it’s stupid.  What kind of dude steps up to the urinal, unzips and suddenly decides to rid himself of his gum?

“Man, this gum sucks.  It’s got to go.  Not, not when I get to the garbage can. It’s go to go NOW dammit!”

Ladies, you don’t really know much about this phenomenon.  Unless you are one of those urinal-peeing ladies I’m always hearing about.  But on occasion you’ll step up to tinkle and see a piece of gum just sitting there waiting for it’s golden shower.  The gum won’t go down when flushed due to the rubber liner / pee target, so when you hit the handle all it does is bounce around in a yellow circle.

But what really gets me about this is that the offending chewer is not thinking at all about how that gum is going to get OUT of the urinal.  Is it going to sprout legs and hop out?  Nope.  As disgusting as it may be, some poor sap is going to have to reach in and take it out.

Granted this person is someone who actually cleans bathrooms for a living, but there is a difference between rubbing a cleaning brush around in a toilet bowl and having to reach into a urinal to fish out gum…  gloves or no gloves, it’s gross.

If you are the kind of dude who spits his gum into a urinal you must be saying people who clean public bathrooms have life a little too easy.  Their lives are just too damn good.  You need to knock them down a peg or two.  Kick them down off their high horse right?

Come on.

If you have done this in the past for whatever reason, please stop.  Think of the poor bastard you are forcing to get all pissy-handsy just because you are an asshole.

Public bathroom cleaners everywhere will thank you for not being one.



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