Creepy Baby

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I’m half-assing it this weekend.  Why?  Because I can.  A few years ago I invented the Half-Assed Weekend post to let bloggers off the hook of coming up with something interesting to write on the weekends.  As a blogger you probably know your posts only get about half the views and comments on the weekends as they do during the week.  So I say you should only put half the effort into those posts.

Oddly enough, my Half-Assed Weekend posts have been some of my best.  Hmmm….

A few months ago the Lady Friend and I took a little weekend getaway to southern Minnesota and visited a bed and breakfast.  Normally those are not my kind of places because you feel like you’re sleeping in some stranger’s spare room.  Awkward!  Especially because I tend to sleepwalk naked.  But it actually turned out ok and we had a good time.

This little town has lots of quaint shops, cafes and coffee joints so we wandered around one of the days.  While in a little shop on the town’s main street I walked around the corner and had this thing scare the shit out of me:



It is meant to be a hanger for baby clothes but the damn thing also looks like a baby.  A flat, ugly, chubby, creepy baby.  I quickly snapped a photo then got the hell out of there, worried that it was going to jump down off it’s hook and follow me.

Now it’s going to haunt you in your dreams.  You’re welcome!

Have a great weekend!




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