Wait, McRib is Back? Oh Hell Yeah!

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Food | Posted on 27-12-2012

A couple years ago I posted about a sort of guilty-pleasure food for me.  Something that only comes around once every year or two.  I know they look gross and sound disgusting, but I do truly love the McDonald’s McRib sandwich.

And the other day I saw a commercial saying it is BACK!  Exciting!  Since I’m on “vacation” today… here is that old McRib post from the fall of 2010.  Some classic Simple Dude:

McRib Monday

Today was a good day…  I had the day off.  I chose to spread my remaining vacation days out so that including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years I won’t have to work a full week the rest of the year.  Most weeks will only be 3 days long.  Woohoo!  So I’ll have a lot of time to either:

A)  Be productive and get things done around the house.

B)  Lay around and be lazy watching lousy daytime TV.

Which would you do?  Today I managed both productivity and laziness.  It was great.  I finished cleaning the garage and organized my closet.  Then for lunch I had a McRib.  You know, the Ribby goodness sold by McDonald’s for a limited time only.  Of course in three years they’ll bring it back again.  For some reason I always have McRib cravings when I see those ads on TV.  The sandwich itself is not anything special, or even a good meal.  It’s ok… average at best.  But something about it’s sloppy uniqueness sucks me in every time they bring it back to their menu.

I dont know if this is special to my part of the country or not, but when you order a McRib value meal they offer you a second McRib for just $1.  I cannot possibly conceive of a world where I would say no to an offer like that.  No I did not eat both McRibs and the fries for lunch.  I showed some restraint and put one of them in the fridge..  probably for dinner.  Yes indeed, it is a McRib Monday.  Don’t judge me.

The lady friend texted me earlier to see how the day off was going and I texted back the details of my McRib Monday situation.  She takes night classes on Mondays so she texted to say she was glad to be missing the “aftermath” of my McRib Monday.  I said she is probably right, and I think I used the term “McToot”.

The second McRib is still in the fridge.  After typing this post I am starting to rethink eating it, at least not today.  You know, give my system a chance to recover.

Ahhh shit, who the hell am I kidding.  I’m all over that sauce-covered-imitation-meat-between-two-stale-bun’s bitch ass.


(and yes, I am going out to get a McRib for lunch today!)

p.s. I may have some special news for everyone next week about a change in my personal life…  stay tuned.


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