New Years Eve – A Simple Dude’s Poem

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Holidays | Posted on 31-12-2012

You have almost made it, another year into the books.

Just don’t be a drunken fool tonight and earn dirty looks.

In 2012 I laughed, I cried and drank lots of beer.

I still complain, but really, it was a pretty good year.

Starting tomorrow I’ll work out, eat less and maybe stop drinking.

And while saying that, if you look closely, you may catch me winking.

I look forward to every year, another chapter in life’s folder.

I’d be even more excited if I wasn’t forced to grow older.

Hopefully all of you are feeling the same way,

Smiling and laughing as we head towards a better day.

And do what you will on this New Years Eve night,

Join me in tipping a glass…  because everything is alright.


Happy New Year kids!

Cut me some slack on this poetic attempt, I wrote it in about 10 minutes (barely awake) before leaving for work this morning.  Yes, I have to work at least a half day or so.  And yes,  it does suck.



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