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Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Holidays, House | Posted on 05-12-2012

A few weeks ago the Lady Friend and I decided to attempt something that neither of us have ever done.  At least not on our own.

Put up Christmas lights.

I would not like a house like this. Well.. ok, maybe just a little.

We both like Christmas lights, but between laziness (on my part) or living in town homes / apartments (on her part) we never had the opportunity to do it in the past.  And now having our house together, and this being our first holiday season living in this house, we decided to give it a try.  Though at 5pm last Saturday I was regretting this decision big time.

For starters, when we were still talking about putting up lights the weather was warm, unseasonably so.  Like late September nice, even though it was actually late November.  Then by the time I got around to actually doing it the weather had turned – including one day with a high temp of about 20 degrees.  Ironically this past Monday, the day AFTER we put the finishing touches on the lights the temp was back to 60 degrees.  Figures.

But the finger freezing, ladder slipping, icy roof weather was only part of the reason I was pissed.  It was the indecision that really bugged me.  The Lady Friend and I both were to blame since we had never done this before.  Lights went up, lights came down.  Then more lights went up, followed by those coming down to be moved elsewhere.

The Lady Friend and I don’t fight.  We just don’t.  Whenever one us is being irritating we call them out on it, which usually results in us laughing about it.  It’s probably the only relationship I have ever been in with this kind of track record.  And Saturday put us to the test.

But I got over it and the end result was a house we’re pretty happy with.  We wanted subtle – no Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation shit here.  And I think we got it.

Simple and Subtle. Just like me.

Especially considering this was our first time – we really had no idea what we wanted until we saw it hanging.  It would be complete with lights around the garage doors but with vinyl siding and a vinyl door frame I will need to get really creative in how they are hung.  Maybe next year, as I get closer to Griswold status.

If you look really close you can see TOWPO (The One Who Poops Outside) the dog sitting in the window of the front door wondering what the hell her two owners are doing standing in the middle of the damn street.

Now if we could only get some SNOW then it would actually look like Christmas.  If we do I’ll share another photo.

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