Got Shovel? Come On Over!

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in House | Posted on 09-12-2012

We’re getting the first real snow fall of the season here in our new house. I’ve already gone out and shoveled once and the way it looks will be back out there again later tonight.  Our dog TOWPO has been in the back yard eating it all morning.  Weird dog.

After I shoveled the driveway I regretted not taking a photo first, then realized I could be lazy and snap a photo out the back door.

The local weather people are calling it Snow-mageddon. I prefer Snow-pocalypse.

I’m guessing we have about 5 inches of this crap so far and it’s showing no signs of stopping.  Good thing I have some corn for popping.  And the lights are turned way down low…. so…

Tie A Bow… Do Some Blow… Let It Snow!


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