I Wrote A Book And Need Your Help!

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Writing | Posted on 23-11-2012

I’ve been teasing this for…  oh… a YEAR or so.  And it’s finally happened.  I wrote an e-book.  A cheap e-book…  it’s only $1.99!  It’s a (hopefully) funny non-fiction e-book called:

The 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse

Much like it sounds, it’s a tongue in cheek list of suggestions to spend the final days and weeks of society.  No one knows when the world will end.  The Mayans may have predicted December 21st, 2012 but frankly the Mayans weren’t all that smart – I mean, they don’t even exist anymore.  So why should we put any faith in their calendar?

We don’t know when the world will end, but the one thing most can agree on is that eventually it WILL end.  So imagine getting some insight as to when that will happen.  This book is full of things you’ve only dreamed of doing in the past but would not consider unless the end was near.  Unless you’re into uncomfortable situations with family friends and coworkers.

The other thing?  It’s being published under my REAL NAME.  Yep, I am coming out of the blog closet.  At least kind of.  Follow along…  People in my real life will know about the book, but not about this blog.  I’ll keep blogging here under the Simple Dude name but am not ready to let my real life peeps know about this site yet.  So help me keep my secret!

And all of you can help me!  First of all, go check out the new website I set up for the book:


I’d love the hell out of you if you could follow me there through the various means available…  follow it on Twitter, like it on Facebook, etc.  If you go there right now you’ll see an excerpt from #32 on the list: “BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF A VENDING MACHINE

Secondly… I will give a FREE copy to anyone willing to write a review of it on their own blog.  Good or bad!  All you have to do is ask!  Email me at simpledudemail@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Another cool thing is happening… Jewels and the awesome folks over at The Indie Chicks are going to be posting excerpts from my book, once per week through the end of the year.  So be sure to go check it out!

Lastly…  I wouldn’t be mad at any of you if you decided to buy it – after all it’s only $1.99!  I spent more on coffee this morning!

No go check it out!



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