This Is Just Batty

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in House | Posted on 01-10-2012

I saw this at a Home Depot store the other day and had to snap a photo….

I’d have to be batty to hang this in my yard. Damn, that was lame.

I get that bats eat insects and therefore are nice to have in the neighborhood to help thin out the night time mosquito population.  However…  who would put this in their yard like some twisted Halloween themed birdhouse?  Is this creepy or what?

When I saw this at the store I texted this photo to my Lady Friend (she wasn’t at home) and told her I was about to hang it above our deck.  She was NOT amused.

I haven’t been around here much the last week, and even now that I have something to post it’s just a brief one.  Good things are happening though, both with my job and personal life in that I am very, VERY close to finally finishing this goofy book I’ve been writing for the last 8 months or so.

Happy Monday kids!




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