Happy Halloweenie!

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Happy Halloween kiddies…  hope you scare up some candy.  Or have a hauntingly productive day at work.  Or maybe a frighteningly easy commute.  Or…  just get laid.  After all, it’s also hump day.

Last weekend I went to a costume party at a friend ‘s house – a party I have attended every year for much of the last decade.  This party started out small in the early years.  He would invite 50 people but only 8 would show up.  It was sad.  But I stuck with it and now the party has nearly outgrown his house.  I’d say, conservatively he must have had 60 – 70 people there throughout the night.

There is a reason so many people go.  This dude is batty over Halloween.  Every single inch of his house is decked out with props, decorations, ghosts, ghouls, food and booze.  Lots of booze.  Plus every year he has some unique feature.  Last year he had this cool spooky backdrop and professional lighting for everyone to get their picture taken.

This year it was a stripper pole.  No, I did not hop up on it – though it was tempting.  Unfortunately it was getting more use from the dudes at the party than the dudettes.

Another unique feature this year was a system of TV monitors connected together that rotated through photos people would take on their phones and send to an email address.  By emailing them to this address, they were automatically added into the rotation.

Myself and a couple buddies being the asses that we are, decided to email some non party pics as well, that just happened to be on my phone.

Pictures like these cheese curds:

The only thing scary about these is what they do to me.

Or these weirdos:

Look deep into my eyes… my sexy, sexy eyes.

Imagine Trick or Treating at this guy’s house.

and lastly…  a big blue ribbon winning chicken:

Big chickens = Big chicken McNuggets

So imagine seeing pictures of yourself and all the other costumed people at the party rotating through like a slideshow.  Then suddenly a giant chicken appears on the screen.  Needless to say, it made us laugh.

And now… it’s time for me to have my breakfast and head on in to work.  What’s for breakfast you ask?

What else did you expect?




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