Frozen Pools And Foreign Dudes Don’t Mix

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Video | Posted on 22-10-2012

I rarely forward emails.  You know, the ones that spout off about something great that will happen to you if you send it to 10 people.  That is soooo 2001.  Hell, I didn’t even forward them back then.  It was stupid then and it’s worse now.

Unfortunately my mom doesn’t follow that same logic… she sends forwards all the time.   Sometimes they have lame jokes.  Sometimes they they include pictures that are meant to be inspirational but actually just look cheesy.  I usually delete her emails.  Don’t worry, she doesn’t read this!

Before this past week I think it had probably been a year since I had received an email from her worth forwarding on.  Then she sent me a link to this video:

This one I had to pass along.  I think I forwarded it to about 10 people… though I doubt anything lucky is going to happen to me.  Why did I send it?  Because pain is funny.  Other people’s pain that is.  That is a weird quirk about us humans… as long as we know a person doesn’t get seriously hurt we actually take a certain amount of joy in watching them in pain.

Particularly if they are a jackass trying to be cool.

The best part of the video is how the heavily accented dude suddenly switches to English just to shout obscenities and promote his new band.  I love the sound he makes in the air, something like:  “HOOOAHHH!” followed by the sound of him smacking the ice – much like it would sound if he ran into a brick wall.

What a jackass.  Hilarious.



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