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Last weekend we had a big family reunion up at a Leech Lake, which is a beautiful lake in the north woods of Minnesota.  The weather was perfect all weekend and, unfortunately for my blog, there was no family drama.  Other than someone getting the idea to take group photos on Saturday after it was getting dark.  I haven’t seen them yet, but can’t imagine most of them turned out.

I have no idea why they waited until 9pm Saturday for photos, nor do I have any idea why they didn’t decide to just do them Sunday morning instead.  Trying to gather everyone up at dusk was probably a decision fueled by a day of drinking.

Since there was no drama, I have no good stories to share…  just some photos, starting with this one taken Friday afternoon from the shore looking out on the lake.  It’s a very big lake, you can’t see across much of it.

Saturday morning a bunch of us went golfing and I snapped this pic from the car window as we drove along the lake…  very cool scene with the early morning fog rising up from one of the bays:

Those of you who have golfed before may see this next picture and think the tee box had a swampy area behind it.  No, that is the view from the tee box heading out to the fairway – seriously.

All day long I was getting the ball up in the air (not intended to sound dirty) but sure as shit as soon as I got to this hole I hit a low line drive into this mess:

After a day of golfing, drinking, napping and eating the sun started going down.  And sunsets up there are awesome, watching the big bright red ball dip into the water.  Oh and the sun looks nice too.  (hee hee)

It was sometime between that picture and this next one that they decided to gather up the group for photos.

Thus ending another day at the cabin.  The next morning I was pretty tired driving home… even too tired to stop at the casino – which is shocking.  I’ll just have to lose twice as much money next time I go.




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