How To Get A Raise (Or So I Hope)

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Work | Posted on 16-08-2012

I’ve been at my job nearly five years and for the most part, I enjoy it.  I manage the marketing department for a high profile local company.  It’s not a typical sit at a desk 9 to 5 job.  I work out of the office on occasion and sometimes get so busy that I work evenings and weekends.  But it’s a job that brings immediate satisfaction at seeing the results of your work.

But there is a problem.  I am underpaid.   Quick poll…  raise your hand if you consider yourself underpaid.  Let me count…  1 of you.. 2 of you… 3…   well it looks like pretty much all of you raised your hand.  It’s interesting how the money we make relates to the money we think we’re worth.  I doubt many people are willing to admit they are over paid.  I know a handful of people at my company that are grossly over paid, and I’d bet even those morons think they are underpaid.

It just might come to this…

That being said I wish I made more money than I do.  In fact I wish I made a lot more than I do.  I think I’m worth about twice what I make – but that’s wishing in it’s purest form.  Mixed with a healthy ego I suppose.

In truth I am due a raise.  We have annual reviews coming up in the next couple months and I suspect I’ll get a standard raise, somewhere in the 5% – 7% range.  It’s not much but it’s something.

The problem?  “Something” isn’t enough for me.  In the next week or two, as budgets are being planned, I’ll go to my boss with a pitch.  I’m going to pitch myself, almost as if I were interviewing for the job all over again.  The idea is to convince them to give me a bigger raise – I’m hoping for 20 – 25%.  And with anything less than 15%, I will dust off my resume and start sending it around.  After all, TOWPO (my dog: The One Who Poops Outside) needs to eat.

Our company has a way of losing good employees just because they need to make more money.  And when the person breaks the bad news about leaving, the company makes a half-hearted attempt to match their new salary – only to realize they are making 50% more, 60% more or even double at their new gig.  We can’t afford that kind of bling around here.

My theory is that this is a way to keep a good employee around BEFORE he comes to them with his two week notice.  I’m not asking for a 50% raise (though I’m worth it) I am only asking for a reasonable bump.

What do you guys think?  Have you ever gone into your boss and asked for a sizable raise – if so did you get it?  We’re you laughed at?  This could go either way for me… I’ll know more in the coming weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed.



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