Boys And Their (Sex) Toys

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Stupid People | Posted on 29-08-2012

Do you ever sit in front of the computer (or like me, on the couch with a laptop) staring at the screen with absolutely nothing to write about?  I thought that was going to happen to me the other day, then BAM!  It came to me like a blogging angel.  I saw this story online and knew it had to be shared.

As reported by a local newspaper here, a woman waiting at a bus top at a busy intersection in St. Paul, MN looked up to see a man pull up in a car in front of her.  Not just any man…  this man:

His name is Brian Wutschke. He is single, ready to mingle and brings his own toys to the party.

Allegedly he was just sitting in the drivers seat of his car, performing oral sex.  By himself.  On a dildo.  If he had been giving this thing the business while driving along, he may have gone unnoticed.  But he stopped in the lane and sat there in front of this bus stop, while cars backed up behind him honking.  He eventually drove on, but not until after someone had called the cops.

They pulled him over a couple blocks away and found the slobbery toy sitting on the front seat, as well as numerous women’s panties strewn about the car – even hanging from his rear view mirror.

It doesn’t end there.  While patting him down they heard some vibrating coming from his pants.  He informed them he had a vibrator “inserted” into himself.  They made him remove it as they arrested the freak and threw him in the back seat of their squad car.

Apparently the cops refused to turn the thing off, so all the way back to the police station it sat vibrating on the back seat of the car.  And even after removing it from the car no one wanted to handle it long enough to shut it off so it just sat in the evidence box buzzing until the battery died!

Can’t say I blame them.  Anything that has been inside this dude would not going anywhere near me.

Real life truly is stranger than fiction.




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