Big TVs, Small Tables And Dumb People

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in House, Stupid People | Posted on 25-07-2012

Last weekend my Lady Friend and I went on a shopping spree.   A big one.  We bought $300 worth of furniture at IKEA and as you know, $300 gets you a LOT of shit at IKEA.  Those crazy Swedes!

And all that crap was cool, but not nearly as cool as the TV we got.  A big ass 60″ LED for me to sit and stare at.  Which I have done for four days straight, with my mouth slightly open, barely blinking.  The picture is much better than my 46″ LCD.  We moved that TV downstairs to the basement and what will eventually become my “man cave” area.  I hate that term, but that’s essentially what it will be.

And that’s what sucks.  The 46″ TV will be the one in my space and the big new one will be in hers.  hmmm….

Although, in hindsight that’s not so bad.  After all she did pay for it.  Seriously!  Isn’t that freakin’ awesome!  I’m a lucky dude.

One thing we didn’t find at IKEA was a small wooden table that we wanted for our basement area so we actually picked one of those up at Target the other day.  Now I realize they need to cater to all levels of intelligence and stupidity when making instructions for assembly.  But this is ridiculous:

If this is Step 1, what would STEP 2 be?? Turn the table over???

As you can see there is the table top and the four legs.  The table top is part “A” and the legs are each labeled parts “B” – in case you couldn’t figure out which was which.

There is a Step 1 to the instructions but no Step 2.  Of course not, after Step 1 you are DONE.  But when designing the assembly instructions they failed to realize that when there is only one step, it’s not a “step” at all.  It’s a beginning and an end all in one.   It’s a destination.

Come on… has society really become this stupid?  If you’re too dumb to figure out how to put four legs on a table that just screw in, it should be illegal for you to go to Target and buy it in the first place.  You are a danger to yourself and the rest of us.  Stay home!



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