Time To Get My Move On

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Lady Friend | Posted on 21-06-2012

As I have mentioned a time or two, my Lady Friend and I bought a house together and are moving soon.  Next week to be exact.  She will keep her town home and rent it out – I still have my house I lived in before moving in with her, which I am also renting out.  This is a good thing since both of our homes aren’t worth squat right now with the housing market being what it is.  But that also means we’re getting a STEAL on our new place.

I have moved a lot in my adult life, about a dozen times in the last 18 years or so.  And man does it SUCK.  Almost all of those moves occurred back in my 20’s though.. I have been much more stable lately just moving twice in the last 8 years.

This will be the Lady Friend and I next week... who wants to help?

However, during that time many of my friends have moved.  Some have added kids to their families and needed a bigger place.  Others have gone through a divorce (oops) and needed a smaller space.

Often on the days they moved I was busy with work, family stuff or some other crap.  At least they think I was.  There may have been occasional days where I made up some work excuse to get out of helping a buddy move.  I wouldn’t put something like that past me.

And now here I am, faced with a big move myself and forced to ask friends for help.  Friends who I have shunned, some of them multiple times.  Friends who would probably never say it out loud, but probably hold some slight resentment towards me and my shunning ways.

And no, we’re not hiring a mover – although that would be the smart thing to do.  Since we just have a town home we figured we’d do it ourselves…  which may be precisely what we’re forced to do!

My past laziness is coming back to bite me in the ass…  anyone out there have a truck and some free time?





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