Moving “Sensitive” Items

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Family | Posted on 26-06-2012

As I mentioned yesterday my Lady Friend and I are in the middle of a move right now… so I’m sharing an old post of mine that goes back to the when I first moved in with her in 2010.

And also as mentioned yesterday… the post involves a big box-o-porn.  Enjoy!

Well we’re moving on up!!

No, not to “The Eaast Siiiide” as The Jefferson’s theme suggests.

(for those of you too young to know that TV show, your homework assignment is to spend more time watching crappy old TV shows and less time on the internet)

I am all moved into the lady friend’s place now.

The move was ok, maybe a little easier then most since I got rid of so much junk over the last few weeks.  I had a friend helping with some of the heavy stuff and my parents helped as much as they could, with the lady friend helping to unpack and organize my stuff at her pad.  And with the place as empty as it is I really start to realize what a shitty housekeeper I am.  Little dust bunnies behind dressers, desks, couches, TV, etc.  And what is it about computers that just attract dust?  Disgusting.

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but neat-freak isn’t one of them.  However I am not a slob either.. I clean on a semi regular basis and try to keep the place looking decent.  But I guess it had been a while since I moved some shit around!  So a damn good cleaning is on the to do list before the renters move in.

There was a potentially embarrassing moment.  Early Saturday morning while pulling some stuff out of the closet I came across something every single guy (many women too) has, or HAD at some point in their lives.  A box of porn.  This was stuff I hadn’t thought about or looked at in many years.  I didn’t want any of it so I stuffed it into a couple shoe boxes and taped them shut.  I intended to drop it all to the bottom of my garbage can and pile more stuff on top.  Then I decided it wouldn’t hurt to keep one DVD…  why not right?

So I set that aside.  I got distracted by something, and set the whole lot on the stove where it sat literally all day as I was hauling stuff in and out, making a couple trips to the new place.  Towards the end of the day I saw the shoe boxes and extra DVD still sitting in the same spot.  The separate DVD was hidden under the shoe boxes where I left it – my 70 year old mom had been helping me pack up stuff in the kitchen and apparently never saw it.  I grabbed it quickly and ran out to throw it in my car.  Whew – embarrassment averted!

A little while later I was making a quick pass through the house and saw the single dirty DVD sitting on a table in the living room.  Apparently in my haste to grab the naughty stuff and get the hell out of there I dropped the DVD.  One of my parents must have found it and put it on the table.  I stuffed into a bag out of sight, but it was too late – the damage had been done.  They didn’t say anything about it and I sure as hell didn’t either.  Maybe it’ll get brought up at Thanksgiving…  sigh.

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