It’s A Mother Of A Day

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Dog, Holidays | Posted on 13-05-2012

Happy Mother’s Day!  I know some of my followers are mothers… I am not one, in case you’re wondering.  I was, sadly, born without a uterus.  Tragic right?  It’s a chromosome thing I guess.

But today will be the first time I’ve seen my own mother in months, as my parents just got back in town yesterday.  They spend their winters in Arizona and apparently it’s finally too damn hot down there now, so they’re back in Minnesota.

A little Mother's Day funny for ya

As you probably know, the Lady Friend and I don’t have kids of our own.  But we have our dog, TOWPO (The One Who Poops Outside) so she is the closest thing to offspring we have right now.

And what a great dog she is!  For Mother’s Day She went out and bought a car adapter for my Lady Friend, which allows her to plug her iPod or phone into her car to listen to music.  The Lady Friend has a fancy new phone so she’s going to load it up with music.

For those of you like me without kids…  happy Sunday!




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