Other People’s Drama

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Random Simplicity | Posted on 16-04-2012

I think I have voyeuristic tendencies.  No sick or peeping tom stuff… I don’t get off on hiding in the bushes peeking at someone in their bloomers.  But I am like that little old lady on the block who notices when someone new moves in or things seem a little out of place.

I’m a very observant person, few things get past me in normal everyday life.  I think I would have made a good cop.

Or a carnival worker.

But that has nothing to do with my observational ability, I just like the idea of traveling around the country with a bunch of weirdos and never having to brush my teeth.  Ever.

I wonder what the Carnival Worker Dental Plan is like

Over the weekend I was sitting at home alone one night while the Lady Friend was out with some friends.  I had the front window open and heard a few cars pull up across the street.  We live in a town home (for the next month anyway) so “across the street” is only about 60 feet from our front door.  They were laughing and talking loudly and being about 1am I figured they were coming home from the bar.

I looked out and saw the 20-something girl who lives in the town home across from us with 4 friends.  Being the observant person I am I know the basic routines of all the people in our little town home section.  No that’s not stalking – I just pay close attention.  She has a boyfriend who stays over a few nights each week though I didn’t see his truck among this group so I don’t think he was there.

They all went inside and I went back to watching whatever shitty TV show I was watching.  15 minutes later I heard a commotion so I got up to take a look.  No one was outside but their upstairs windows were open and it sounded like some shouting was going on.

Being the nosy curious person I am, I went upstairs so that I could see look out directly into their room… you know, to be sure everything was cool of course.  I could see into the room and it appeared the girl who lives there was arguing with some guy.  The other two people  were no where to be seen – probably downstairs eating leftover Easter peeps – or so I imagined.  I couldn’t hear every word being said, but it sounded like he was mad because she wasn’t into him.  Duh, dude.. she has a boyfriend already.  Even I knew that!

This didn’t go on for long before I saw him storm out of the room and down to the front step where he had a cigarette.  Then he briefly went back inside before coming out in a huff and driving away, thus ending my late night entertainment.

One of the simple things in life that I will always enjoy is other peoples drama.  It’s way more interesting when it’s not happening to you!

I’m just hoping our new place will have some entertaining neighbors too!




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