Half Assed Weekend Post – April 14

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Weekends | Posted on 14-04-2012

I have been too busy to write lately, which bums me out.  So I am half-assing this post – hey, at least it’s something.  And I have also been sick… which bums me out even more.

See THIS POST that I wrote awhile ago about mucus.  It has become completely relevant all over again with this new cold I have been fighting.  And no, I have not attempted the dehydrating thing that I mentioned in that post.  The mucus has been free flowing.  But I am getting close to desperation so there is a good chance I’m completely done drinking any liquids for the weekend.

Wait… does beer count?  Alcohol dehydrates you anyway right?

Speaking of alcohol..  I am writing this on Friday night after having oh, I don’t know…  5 or 6 beers.  Just enough to forget that I am sick!  But not enough to keep me from trying to write a blog post.

And I was also playing Words With Friends with a buddy of mine and I have to admit, playing that with a buzz is both fun and frustrating at the same time.  The only words I can think of are crude, dirty or..  well.. not words at all.  Like assface.  Or taint.  Or fucktard.


Well, it is what it is.  Guess I’ll crack open another beer.  Incidentally, if anyone wants to play me in Words With Friends or Scramble With Friends go ahead and look me up…  my user name is TheSimpleDude.

As Jewels from According To Jewels will attest, I am easy to beat!  She does it on a regular basis!  In the game that is…   she has never beaten me in person.  As much as I may or may not enjoy that, I’m not sure my Lady Friend would approve.

Anyway… if you need an ego boost and want an easy win – look me up.  Be sure to let me know who you are though!




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