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Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Blogging | Posted on 29-03-2012

QUICK SURVEY:  HOW DO YOU FOLLOW ME?  What source do you use to get HERE to my posts?  Google?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Something else?

I’ve been hearing rumors for some time that Google Friend Connect will be RETIRED for all non-Blogger blogs.  I have a non-Blogger blog and it seems this is coming to fruition.  According to Google’s own website it was supposed to cut off on March 1st but I just went and looked on my Google Reader via my old Blogger dashboard and my posts are still showing up there for some reason.

But it’s safe to assume that won’t last long.  So if any of you are using Google Friend Connect to “FOLLOW” me you may want to explore some other options… you don’t want to miss out on any whining, bitching and ranting, mixed in with an occasional funny story or picture do you?  Good news!  There are PLENTY of options!

I am more likely to lead you into a bar, then off a cliff.

For instance….

Twitter: @TheSimpleDude


Those are probably the easiest ways.  Everything I post on this blog gets promoted through both of those outlets.  Adding me to your circles in Google Plus is another option, though admittedly I sometimes forget to post my stuff there… does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that does it automatically?

And the latest way to follow is easier than ANY of those other options.  You can have me come to you!  Like right there in your own email inbox!  I promise not to be too messy, though I can’t make the same promise of my bad manners or use of foul language.

Look over to the right… there is a little box saying SUBSCRIBE BY EMAIL to The Simple Dude and get an email every time I have a new post.  I won’t flood your inbox, I’m not one of those every day posters.  I keep it Simple (right?) only posting about 3 – 4 times per week.  As an added benefit, anyone who subscribes to my blog via email will get a DEEP discount for my new book coming out later this year!  So even if you follow in other ways you may want to get in on that list.

So long story short… those who have been following me via Google Friend Connect and reading this crap in your Google Reader will want to explore some other options or suffer the consequences of not being subjected to my idiocy.  And that would be a bad thing!

Thanks Simpletons!



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