My Autobiography

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Food | Posted on 09-03-2012

Ok, I’m a little pissed… I saw this at a bookstore the other day.  Someone appears to have stolen my idea for the title of my yet to be written autobiography….

Me Want Coooookieee...

Cookies are, and forever will be my one true weakness.  If I am every guarding some secret ancient tomb and you want to get past me to steal the gold…  just leave a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies laying out and you’ll be in the money.

If I am on the jury for a trial in which you are being accused of some crime where you were caught red handed, on video tape, with a dozen witnesses…  send me some peanut butter cookies in the mail and I’ll guarantee you a hung jury.

If a giant meteor is set to hit the earth in the next 12 hours and I grab the last jug of bottled water at the grocery store as people are scrambling to take whatever they can get before the chaos sets in… dangle a couple of macadamia nut cookies in front of me and I’ll drop that jug like a hot potato.

Like I said… it’s a weakness…





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