I Flew On A Sexist Airline

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Vacation | Posted on 19-03-2012

At least that was my assumption after seeing this image.  It was in the bathroom of the airplane I was on, heading home from vacation.  And you know me… always snapping photos of things.

Please don't let me use an airplane bathroom after it's used to change a diaper

Why does it have to be a woman in the image changing the baby?  It’s a dual-gender bathroom, men use it as much as women – maybe even more.  I did.

Or am I over thinking this?  Maybe it’s not a woman at all.  Maybe it is a dude in a dress.  You know, one of those cross-dressing, diaper-changing parents you’ve been hearing about.

These days you never know.  I have a story about the flight that I’ll share in a few days.  For now, time to head in to work… it’s my first day back after the long vacation.

Poor me huh?




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