A Dude In The Desert

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Vacation | Posted on 25-03-2012

As anyone who casually reads the babbling nonsense I put out here each week knows, I was on vacation a couple weeks ago.  My Lady Friend and I went to Arizona to visit my parents who are retired and spend their winters down there.  As any smart retired Minnesotan should do.

While we were there we took a drive up to Sedona, AZ for a couple days and it just reaffirmed my opinion that the red rock area up there is among the most beautiful parts of our entire country.  We’re into the whole outdoors, hiking thing and that part of the world offers almost unlimited opportunities.

Like any good blogger, I snapped some photos to share with you.  You can click on them to see bigger images.

Like this one…

This is just outside Sedona, about three miles from the nearest road.

And then this one….

Crazy purple cactus. Must be a Prince fan.

In Sedona we saw this weird thing outside of a gift shop..

I don't know what the hell this, but it kind of scares me.

After we got back to the Phoenix area we did one last hike up into the White Tank mountains just west of town.  This next one is looking down at the valley Phoenix sits in from about halfway up the mountains.  I was getting pretty sunburned so we had to turn around and head back down.

Yeah, I’m a pale dude.

All the smog in Phoenix makes the valley look like a Pink Floyd concert.

And on our last day in the Valley of the Sun we made a stop at good old McDonald’s and got one of my favorite seasonal foods…  the Shamrock Shake.  They always come out around St. Patrick’s Day for some reason.

I guess being green is the only connection, as I doubt there is anything Irish about it…. mainly because it’s non alcoholic.  ‘Cause you know Irish people… they like their booze!

Ohhh... what cold minty goodness!!

You could say it was a Desert Dessert.  Yeah, I know that was lame.  You can give me shit for that one.

Mix in some golfing and beer drinking and that’s pretty much the extent of my vacation.  So yeah…  have a good Sunday!




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