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Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Food | Posted on 21-02-2012

I am a little behind on this, but wanted to give you all an update on how my Valentine’s Day celebrations went.  In short, they went very well.  Since the day itself fell on a Tuesday and as usual the Lady Friend and I had very busy weeks, we decided to save our celebrating for the weekend.

We decided to keep the gift giving simple and relatively cheap this year.  I gave her a nice bracelet, nothing too expensive.  Thankfully she had dropped some easy to follow hints on that – it’s highly doubtful I would have landed on a bracelet all on my own.

And she gave me the gift of booze.

Every day is St. Patrick's Day in my house

It’s the Jameson 12 Year Special Reserve.  It’s basically a fancier, more expensive version of Jameson Irish Whiskey – my favorite drink.  Have I mentioned how freakin’ cool she is?

So when we decided to go out to dinner Saturday night it was pretty much up to her where we went.  And she chose Rudolphs’s BBQ which is one of the best BBQ joints in the Minneapolis area!  Uh huh, she’s a cool chick alright.  It’s a step above your run of the mill take out rib joint but still a very reasonable place to eat.  And the food is amazing, we eat there once or twice a year.

And I love me some BBQ.

Uhh.. buddy? It may be time for a new hobby.

Oh no… I don’t love BBQ as much as THAT guy.

And I don’t know why they call the restaurant Rudolph’s.  It’s some sort of homage to Rudolph Valentino, the silent movie star from the 1920’s. There are pictures of him throughout the restaurant.

Why?  Who the hell knows.  He wasn’t from the Twin Cities.  He wasn’t known for BBQ as far as I know, and he died more than 80 years ago.  If you can figure out the connection you’re smarter than I am.

But the food rocks so who really gives a shit.  I got a nice half rack of ribs, some mashed sweet potatoes and homemade corn bread.  Hell yeah.  And the left overs were amazing the next day too.

Some guys may have been forced to take their significant others out to some overpriced, under portioned spot with poor mood lighting, snobby wanna-be-model servers and a name that I’d be embarrassed to try pronouncing.  But not me.

Have I mentioned how cool the Lady Friend is?



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