Who Wants To Buy My Stuff?

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Money | Posted on 31-01-2012

You may have seen this… some bonehead has a car once owned by President Obama for sale on Ebay.  I thought this was kind of interesting.  Sure it’s a used car, but it’s also sort of a memorabilia piece.  Do you think he was driving around Chicago, bumping to some Run DMC or NWA?  Or maybe he was a rocker, kickin’ it to Zeppelin and Motley Crue?

So I wondered what it would sell for – maybe $50k?  $100k?  No, the idiot selling the car put the minimum bid at $1 million.  Are you kidding me?  The pope-mobile isn’t worth that and it’s bullet proof, water proof and sin proof…  as far as we know.

It’s doubtful this dummy will sell the thing, but even if he were to get HALF that amount it would be insane.  So that got me thinking.  I have every intention of making it big someday.  There will come a time when you’ll be able to say “I knew that dude back when he was writing about drinking beer and scratching himself.”  Just HOW I will make it big still remains a mystery.

And when I hit the big time I don’t want to see a bunch of morons trying to sell crap on Ebay that once belonged to me.  I want that money for myself…  I’m greedy.  I am going to set aside some random shit with the hopes that it will have ridiculous value someday.

Over the course of this week I’ll share some of these soon-to-be-priceless items with you!

You can almost make out the shape of my ass...


I’ve had this leather recliner for about 10 years.  It fits my butt very well.  I’m sitting in it right now!  The footrest thing is broken, it goes up when you recline, but won’t close all the way.  When I make it big I’ll be selling this – complete with my ass print – for only $43,000.


Sorry, the staples are sold separately


I stole this stapler from a former place of work when I quit to become self employed.  I needed to set up my home office, so it’s one of many things I stole fair and square.  If there can be such a thing.  It’s another item I have had awhile..  almost 9 years.  But I’ll be willing to part with it for a paltry $3,999.  Yep, LESS than four grand!  It’s a steal!

Anyone want to bid yet?

The garage sale will continue tomorrow……




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