Redneck Wino?

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Weekends | Posted on 29-01-2012

This year for Christmas I got one of the most appropriate gifts I’ve ever been given – and the ironic thing is that it came from someone who didn’t even know me all that well, someone in my Lady Friend’s family.

The Redneck Wine Glass:

It’s a mason jar with a wine glass type stem.  Brilliant.

I don’t consider myself to be a redneck – I’m educated with a professional career.  But as you know there is one important characteristic I share with the redneck-folk:  A Simple way of thinking.

And for that, I can appreciate them.  Even if they are a little backwards.  So tonight I will be raising my redneck wine glass in a toast to all that is Simple.

Who’s with me?


Have you ever heard guys making stupid statements, saying they’ll get a tattoo of something idiotic if a certain sports team wins an unlikely game?  It happens.  And when it does they usually back down.  Not this time.

One of my loyal followers Doug from Fumbled Returns has a friend who made one of these statements regarding Tim Tebow.  Yeah, THAT Tim Tebow.  And now he is going to have to get a tattoo.  The best part is that WE get to help choose the moronic tattoo!

Click here for the story and to choose from a couple designs – oh, and this is one of the possibilities:

The only thing worse would be a unicorn.

Even if you are a Denver Broncos fan you’d have to admit that would be an ugly-ass tattoo!!




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