A Post About Nothing… And Silicone Penises.

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Sprocket Ink | Posted on 13-12-2011

In keeping with my theme of being busy and not spending a lot of time here I am not posting an actual post.  I mean, it is showing up like a post, but the content is suspect.

Though in truth most of my posts are suspect.  Sometimes I whine about an asshole driver, other times I tell a story about a time my Lady Friend fooled me into not eating her ice cream.  That is actually a funny story if you haven’t read it.

Come to think of it, if a space alien were to somehow be spying on earth – but only get access to my blog and nothing else, they may think that humans are a bunch of little whimpering pussies who eat McRibs, drink too much and sneak porn when their significant other isn’t home.

Anyway, this post is starting to have a purpose so I better stop there.  Go check out my Sprocket Ink post today.

It’s about a very stupid woman and very stupid man who thought silicone injected into a penis would make it bigger.  Unfortunately… this is not true.  Thanks to Random Girl for sending me the link to the story – she is a true inspiration in such matters.  I mean writing articles for Sprocket Ink of course, not silicone penises…. per se.

Coming up Thursday…  a guest post from Fumbled Returns.  He recognized how busy I am and offered to help with a post.  Come back and check it out!




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