Long Weekends Don’t Make Mondays Any Easier

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Weekends | Posted on 28-11-2011

I had a nice long holiday weekend, although as I sit here on Sunday evening writing this it appears it will be shorter than originally intended.  I had taken Monday (today) off but will have to go in to work now as we’ve had some new developments that will keep me pretty busy for awhile.

Speaking of work – I posted about my job indecision a few weeks back, but I decided to stay at my current workplace for the near future.  I’m sure 2012 will see me changing jobs at some point… hopefully before the world ends next December right?

As for  my long weekend…  I didn’t do much.  I posted my take on Thanksgiving HERE in case you missed it.

Friday I did venture out shopping, but only to non-door buster stores and only later in the afternoon when things were less stupid.   As I tweeted that day, I did a little.. uhh… blog research at Half Price Books:

If you're looking to get me a Christmas gift....

Then Saturday the Lady Friend and I went to Costco to load up on crap.  Ever notice how you COMPLETELY forget how big your refrigerator and freezer is while shopping at Costco?  We end up having to turn our freezer into a freakin’ puzzle to make everything fit just right.

I saw this at Costco and thought it was funny… plastic silverware, that actually is meant to look like “silver” silverware.  Seems silly to me.

It's "great for everyday use" especially if you are a hilljack.

For those of you wondering what I look like… I just realized there is an upside down distorted reflection of me in the silver-plastic spoon.

(you just turned your laptop upside down didn’t you?)

Then Saturday night I met up with a couple buddies at a local sports bar called Champps.  Yes, the name intentionally has two P’s in it.  I’m guessing another sports bar called Champs was already in business so these guys decided the best way to distinguish themselves was to become shitty spellers.

And Sunday was a lazy football day – can’t beat that!

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