If Dumping Is A Crime, Send Me To Jail

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-10-2011

I went to a Halloween party last night where the host goes all out for the occasion.  There is not a wall, corner, light fixture, or table that doesn’t have some sort of Halloween crap on it.  This guy has been a friend of mine for years, and this was his biggest Halloween party yet.

He even has a big screen TV setup with a Twitter feed scrolling messages people were tweeting about the party – he had his own hashtag for it.  Crazy. I wish I could share pictures of his party or my costume… but you know, I have this whole anonymity thing going on.


The other day near my work I saw the following sign hung, high up on a building.  It reads “Under Camera Surveillance For Illegal Dumping” and it posed a few questions in my mind.

Keep Your Cameras Away From My Biz-Ness

First of all… when has it become illegal to dump.  Are you telling me that I am now breaking some new law every day?  Sometimes twice a day if things aren’t going well?

(Too much information right? I hear ya.)

And the other thing is… who is the sick bastard filming these people for breaking the poop law?  Shouldn’t THAT be considered illegal?  And you know… even if they are filming it, why would they be out there in public telling people that??

I think I may have stumbled onto some sick, perverse subculture of people who get off on pretending to be a poop authority, strong arming other people into thinking what they do daily is now illegal.  And worse, there are sick people who get off on having someone TELL them they are going to be filmed performing a gross bodily function – and yet they do it anyway.

Sometimes this world scares me.

(Yes, I know, I know.  “Dumping” means dumping garbage.  But that doesn’t fit my bizarre train of thought now does it? )




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