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Every so often I post advice columns, giving my two cents on whatever random group of questions you Simpletons decide to ask me.  This serves two purposes…  it gives me something to write about, and gives you an insight into my bizarre brain.

Over the last couple weeks I received a bunch of questions through comments and email and am going to share my answers here.  You sent so many great questions that I may need to do another one of these in a few weeks – so you have any more questions, feel free to throw them at me!

Lost In Idaho asked: “How do you find your inspiration to write? Do you get it from your surroundings, recent events, or a hodgepodge of everything?”

That’s tough to answer because I have been in a funk lately.  Between being busy at work, half-heartedly looking for a new job and trying to keep the Lady Friend from getting pissed off at my excess time on the computer, I’ve admittedly neglected my blog.  Look for a re-focused SD in the next couple weeks as I want to get back to the basics… writing about shit that makes me laugh. And I’m always open to people sending me topic ideas!

Mynx asked a bunch of questions, my favorite being “Boxers or Briefs?”  She gets right down to it doesn’t she?

Boxers.  100%, no doubt.  I wore briefs growing up, and switched in college and never looked back.  I can’t stand the thought of briefs anymore.  I have a friend who swears by “boxer-briefs” and I think he’s an idiot. I know everyone has their own opinions… and I know these are very popular, but they are not for me.  At all.

They look like a medical device to me

Ok, sure they are slightly less hideous than briefs.  But the whole point of boxers is to let your stuff flow freely, as it’s supposed to.  These should not even have the word Boxers in their name.  My friend and I have argued about this…. just because they are a little longer than briefs doesn’t change things.. they are still tighty-whities.  END OF STORY. 

And Nikki asked: “Why is it that guys LOVE horror movies, more oozing blood, spilled guts and gore you see the better. But, the mere mention of the word “tampon”  or “that time of the month” and they run out the room?”

That just made me shiver reading it.  And I just shivered again right now thinking about why I shivered.  She has a hell of a point and I really don’t have a true answer.  I don’t mind blood and guts.  Growing up playing sports I saw my share of cuts, including one of my own on my forehead that wouldn’t stop bleeding.  I got 4 stitches and I was just 7 years old.  These things didn’t bother me much.

But the thought of that “time of the month” kinda grosses me out.  Some dudes are ok with having sex during that time… not me.  Sorry.  I’d rather completely pretend it doesn’t even exist.  The Lady Friend has never asked me to buy “Lady products” for her and I am very thankful for that.  It’s probably one of the reasons we are so happy.

Sorry Nikki, maybe some other guys can chime in with reasons why that whole thing scares them a bit.  It’s completely natural and EVERY woman goes through it, but I just can’t figure out why it bugs me.

Lastly…  an anonymous commenter asked if I’d ever consider sharing a photo of my eyes… they being the “windows to the soul” and all.  As a blogger who is anonymous himself, I have not shared many photos. 

But I have a story about my eyes and will share it in an upcoming post.  And in that post, yes, I will show a photo of my eyes.  I bet you can’t wait can you?  This is some real edge-of-your-seat shit isn’t it?  Ha!


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