Ye Olde Half Arsed Post

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 18-09-2011

I’m half assing it again today…

I scored some free passes to the local Renaissance Festival from my work and the Lady Friend and I went and checked it out on Saturday.  She had been a few times in recent years but I hadn’t been to the Renaissance Fest in at least 10 years.  It was actually pretty fun.

No I didn’t wear a tunic and tights.  And no the Lady Friend didn’t dress up like a beer wench.  We save those outfits for the privacy of our bedroom.  But yes, plenty of people were dressed up.  And even some dogs.  Poor little dumb animals. 

Nope, they don’t all look like this

We saw a couple good shows there and ate lots of great food…  plus a handful of beers.  A pretty good way to spend an afternoon.  And now today I plan to sit on the couch and watch football all day.  An even better way to spend an afternoon.

One more thing…  be sure to come back on Monday for a special surprise.  Something that is extremely rare.  So rare that it has happened only a handful of times in the 250+ posts I have had here at

I’m having a guest poster.  And it’s not just any guest…  it’s my favorite Aussie.

Well, my favorite Aussie AFTER Angus Young that is:

So come back tomorrow to read about my SECOND favorite Aussie!



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