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I have a few random thoughts to throw your way today – plus a pimp for my Sprocket Ink article this week.  Occasionally I’ll throw out a Random Thought Thursday when I have some dumb ideas bumping around in my head that aren’t worthy of their own post…..  

I tweeted about this the other day…  I don’t trust people who consistently eat lunch before noon.  A few tweeps responded to me on Twitter saying their work day starts at 7am so they pretty much have to eat before noon to avoid collapsing.  Ok, fine, so there are exceptions.  But in general eating lunch at 11:30 is wrong.  Don’t do it.  If you’re that freaking hungry have a carrot or some raisins or whatever shit healthy people snack on at work.

If I eat lunch that early the afternoon drags on… it’s ridiculous.  If you eat lunch around 12:30 or 1pm the afternoon flies by.  People who work normal hours and eat lunch before noon are weird.  Avoid them at all costs.


The Lady Friend bought a Roomba this week.  You know, that robot vacuum thing.  She says she had one before and loved it.  I have not ever had one and am slightly nervous about having a robot wandering around our house.  I am keeping a close eye on it though… if that little bastard starts leaving the house at night looking for Sarah Connor we’re going to have a real problem.

“Hasta La Vista… Dirt.

Shit… that was a lame caption.


Two of my new favorite cable reality shows…  Storage Wars and Bar Rescue. Anyone else watch them?  You should.  Storage Wars may be partially scripted – but it’s still entertaining, especially that old dude Barry.  And Bar Rescue is sort of like Kitchen Nightmares, but with bars and nightclubs.  And for some reason it always makes me thirsty.


Now that I’ve gotten that crap off my chest, time to pimp my Sprocket Ink post this week.

It’s about an online poker website that completely scammed it’s customers – screwing them out of their money, even if they thought they were winning.  Nope.  No winners there.  Just a small group of rich assholes literally stealing money.  Go check it out. 

Before I go, I am fuilfilling a request from one of my loyal Simpletons, Thomas McCool.  In a comment on Monday he said my next post should be about Boobs & Beer since I allowed a female perspective to enter my little space of the internet in the form of a guest post. 

Well the post isn’t about Boobs & Beer exactly, but those are two of my favorite things in life… so Thomas, these are for you:


You’re welcome… 



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