Ice Cream Truck Surprise

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-09-2011

I have really been neglecting my blog the last couple weeks…  hopefully by next week I’ll get back into a regular routine again.  Things at work have been very busy for me lately, which distracts from me areas of my personal life, which ultimately means the blog gets neglected.

We go through busy times at work at different parts of the year.  Sometimes those are expected and we plan for them, but other times they surprise us out of nowhere… kind of like the surprise DING DING of the ice cream truck when it comes rolling down your street.

Actually no, it’s not like that.  The ice cream truck DING DINGING it’s way towards you is a good thing.  When we get surprised by a busy week at work that’s not a good thing.  It sucks.  But I guess it beats not having a job at all.

Speaking of ice cream trucks… the music they played when I was a kid was a hell of a lot cooler than what they play these days.  What’s up with that?  These days all they play is a few lame notes on a loop.  You know…  maybe that’s what they were playing back in the day too, but I was in too much of an ice cream haze to notice. 

Fortunately with my busy schedule I have still made time for my weekly Sprocket Ink posts, including this week’s article, about annoying celebrities. 

What celebrities annoy you the most? Go read my article to see if you think the same way as the rest of us, according to a recent magazine poll.

I started writing a post that I’ll probably put up next week.  It’s about a moment in time when I disappointed myself and one of my best friends…   and if that’s not enough to get you to read, it’s also about BOOBS.

Have you submitted your question to Ask Simple Dude yet?  I’ll be posting an advice column in the next week or so.  There is still time to submit your questions…  go here to read about how to do it!



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