The State Fair Experience

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Ever since I was a kid I have loved going to the State Fair and the Minnesota State Fair is the second biggest in the country – only Texas has a bigger one.  But they cheat, their fair lasts twice as long as ours.  In terms of daily attendance the Minnesota State Fair is the biggest, averaging about 150,000 people per day. 

What does this mean to you?  Not much.  It just means that we have all the things you come to expect from a State Fair, but a hell of a lot more of them.  Animals, rides, vendors, concerts every day and a hell of a lot of food.  Last year at this time I was only a few weeks into my blogging experience and I wrote about the fair and what it means to me.

So I am going to share with you and oldie but goodie post going back to the early days of The Simple Dude.  Here is a snippet of the State Fair post:

“I’m sure at some point you’ve been to your State Fair or at least a county fair, carnival etc. Here in Minnesota we have our annual State Fair going on right now. But this is not your normal fair, this is whatever you imagine a State or County Fair to be… but all hopped up on caffeine, steroids and a giant bucket of deep fried bacon grease……”

Read the rest of that post by CLICKING HERE.  It’s one of my favorites from those early days… and as I mentioned in that post I work for a company that has a presence out there so I’ll be at the Fair a handful of days in the next week – including tonight.

I intend to share pics and fair experiences via Twitter so to stay up to speed on all the madness be sure you’re following me!  @TheSimpleDude

I have a couple State Fair stories from my youth.. so maybe I’ll share one of those next week. 



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