My Sexual Preference: Yes

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Have you seen my video blog post from the other day yet?  No?  What are you afraid of?  You’ll get to see my banana.  Yeah, you know you want to click.  

So yesterday was my Sprocket Ink day and I posted an article about sexual preferences.  Well, sort of anyway.  Mostly it’s about being bisexual.  NO… I’m not saying I am bisexual.  I am not.  I am straight as an arrow.  The Simple Dude loves the ladies.  And they love the Simple Dude.  Well, the Lady Friend does anyway. 

But the SI article is about people who ARE bisexual.  Got it?  Just CLICK HERE to go read the damn thing.

And I have some other good news to share… we have a second sponsor at The Simple Dude.  Mellzah is a blogger who purchased my e-book “Grow Your Blog” and is putting some of my suggestions to work to build her following.  Her blog is called Serious Fun and from what I can tell that’s exactly what you get.  She has some recent posts full of pictures of a kite flying festival near her house…  and the pictures make me totally wish I lived near a beach – you should check them out!

But she’s also trying to gain a few readers by sponsoring us Simpletons, as you can see by her button on the right side of my page, below Belly Billboard – our other Simple Sponsor. 

So go visit her site and see what you think!

Guess what today is?  The first day of the Minnesota State Fair.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) the company I work for has a booth there so I’ll be hanging out at the Fair about 7 of the next 12 days. 

Expect some interesting Twit Pics and other tweets…   are you following me yet?  You better be: @TheSimpleDude.

Seeya Simpletons!



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