My First Video Blog And The Amazon Winner Announcement

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As you may recall, last week was my one-year anniversary writing this blog for the viewing pleasure of all you Simpletons.  And unlike most anniversaries, YOU were the ones who were getting the presents.  Well, one of you anyway.

All you had to do was wish me a Happy Anniversary through your blog, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and you were entered into my drawing for a $50 gift card to Amazon.  Yep, it was just that easy.

To be sure it was truly a random drawing, I did the drawing live on video.  After a year of blogging, I finally did my very first video blog!

Here it is…  along with the announcement of who won the Amazon gift card.  Please go easy on me.

Congrats to the winner… email me so I can get this sucker to you!

Last Friday I posted about my latest sponsor, Belly Billboard.  You can see his button on the right side of this page and you can read the post by clicking HERE.  In the comments to that post lots of people had funny responses and questions about the services offered by Belly Billboard’s main Belly, Gutmeister.

People wondered about whether he’d consider waxing, whether he’d ever write a message on his ass instead of his belly, and if he’d be open to using other colors. 

He responded with some answers but I thought it was worthy of including them here – just to clear the air on some of your… uhh… concerns.  Here is Gutmeister in his own words:

Let me first thank the Simple Dude for the great introductory post here. Next, I’d like to clear up a few issues:

1.  My wife writes this on my belly for me. 

2.  No, I buy my own lipstick, thank you very much. I am a gentleman. 

3.  Waxing would run about $1,500 to start.  And I’m a sissy. 

4.  My ass isn’t nearly as interesting or as offensive as my gut is. 

5.  I might be able to accommodate certain color requests, who knows?

Thanks everyone!

Gutmeister was nice enough to give me a free Belly Billboard message and it’s hilarious… I’ll share it with all of you next week.  And he’s more than just a pretty gut, he’s also a very funny blogger.  Be sure to check out his site:



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