Random Thursday Thoughts.. On A Friday

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I know it’s a Friday, but I had some Random Thursday Thoughts last night and decided to throw them into a post.  I haven’t done a Random Thursday Thought post in a few months, mainly because I rarely post on Thursdays.  So there have been random thoughts that spilled out of my head, never making it to a blog post, and now lost forever. 

Absolutely tragic.

I’ll try to not let that happen again.  Since I don’t generally post on Thursdays I may have to abandon the Thursday Thoughts alliteration and do it on a different day – just to keep the random thoughts from dying on the vine, so to speak.  For you newer Simpletons, my Random Thursday Thoughts are thoughts I have that are not quite long enough to justify a full post.  So without further BS, here are my random thoughts this week:

My home coffee pot pisses me off.  You know when you’re pouring the water from the glass pot (carafe?) into the maker to start the brewing process?  About half the time some of the water runs down the underside of the pot as I am tipping it, spilling onto the counter.  This has happened with MANY pots that I have used over the years so I know it’s not just this one.  And it only happens with the water.  The hot coffee thankfully doesn’t spill like that.  Still, it makes a small mess….  and it pisses me off.

I’ve heard taking the lid off the pot helps, but why should I have to do this?  Plus it seems to do it or not do it completely randomly from day to day.  Please tell me other people have experienced this.


Once per week or so before we fall asleep, the Lady Friend and I find ourselves laying on our backs, next to each other in bed with the lights on, for about 10 minutes in complete silence.  What are we doing?  I have my HTC EVO Android phone and she has her iPod Touch, and we’re both playing some stupid game app.  Not together or anything like that, we’re playing completely independent of each other, usually different games.

I hadn’t thought much about this until the other day, and now I am thinking it may be weird.  NO, we’re not playing games in place of getting frisky or anything like that so don’t go trying to get all Dr. Ruth on me.  For all you youngsters, Dr. Ruth is a little old lady / TV sex therapist.  Is she even still alive?


Every morning coming to work I park in the same ramp, on the same floor, in roughly the same place.  Then I take an elevator down three floors to the walkway into my building.  Technically I don’t HAVE to take the elevator, I could take the stairs.  But I choose to take the elevator.  NOT because I am lazy, but because the acoustics in these particular elevators is amazing for whistling.

Seriously.  I actually look forward to these 20 seconds at the start of my work day.  I usually have a stupid song stuck in my head anyway, and whisting the song in these elevators is just what I need to get it un-stuck.  I hate it when there is someone else in the elevator and I’m forced to ride in silence.

No, this wasn’t posted in my elevator, just a random pic I found on the net.

Something about the way the sound bounces around in those little metal boxes would make it a perfect place to record a whistling CD.  Maybe I should do just that…  20 seconds at a time, twice a day, five days per week.  In about four months I could have 45 minutes of beautiful whistling music.

Have a good weekend kids.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…  but if you do, be sure to take pictures. 



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