I’m In The Wind This Week (Not A Fart Joke)

Posted by Simple Dude | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-07-2011

I may not get a chance to post much this week… tomorrow is Wednesday, so that will be a Sprocket Ink day for me.  I’ll probably put up a post that reminds you to go check that out – but other than that I may not be around too much.

It’s not that I am extremely busy at work..  quite the opposite actually.  But I am busy doing things OTHER than work.  For instance, on Monday I worked a half day then went out to play in a golf tournament.  Between that and the post-tournament dinner I didn’t get home until late.

Today is a normal work day, but we’re doing a happy hour after work for a guy who left our company last week – so I won’t get home too early tonight.

Wednesday we have an all-company outing, so I’ll be out of the office all day.  When we have these they often end in a couple cocktails afterwards.  So… another night when I doubt I’ll be home too early.

After this wild week my smart-ass coworkers may do this to my office

Then Thursday is a normal work day – but I am going to a concert that night.  Before I tell you who I am going to see, don’t judge me.  These tickets were FREE.  I’m going to see Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger.  I’ll be living it up like it’s 1985.  Remember… don’t judge, the tickets are free and I am sure I’ll talk a couple free beers out of my friends too.

Then Friday after this wild week I am taking the day off.  To sleep.

Bottom line, other than my Sprocket Ink post, which I may have to try to write at work, I won’t have much for you Simpletons this week.  Sorry!

Oh, and as I am writing this, I have no idea what to write about at Sprocket Ink tomorrow… any suggestions?



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