I Am Sooo Sick Of These Celebrities…

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NOTE:  Blogger decided not to put up the post I had scheduled yesterday.  Who knows why, it was clearly scheduled to go up…  but didn’t.  Damn Blogger.  Just another reason for my to move to WordPress I guess.  I was away from the computer all day and night so I couldn’t do anything about it – in fact I didn’t even know about it until this morning.  So, here it is now.   Pretend it’s still Wednesday. 

It’s Wednesday and around here that doesn’t just mean hump day.  Well, it doesn’t really mean hump day at all around here.  I rarely get laid on Wednesdays……

But that’s a little off topic.  Wednesdays are also the day of the week I write an article for Sprocket Ink.  That’s the snarky little news website featuring some of the best writers around – most of them are bloggers just like you and me.

This week my Sprocket Ink article is a good one… it’s about all the celebrities that I am completely sick of hearing about.  At least I should be, according to recent survey results released by AskMen.com.  After seeing the results, I would have to agree with the choices of my fellow dudes made.  I am VERY sick of the celebrities listed.

So please go check out the list and my own smart ass comments about all those celebrities that I wish would just GO AWAY!!  And don’t forget to comment to let me know your thoughts on the list. 

That’s it for today…  I am out at a company outing today – and by the time you read this I’ll probably already have a slight buzz or a slight sunburn.  Hopefully a little of both.

Thanks Simpletons!



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