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First, let me introduce some of my newer followers to the HALF-ASSED WEEKEND POST concept.  If you’re like me, you check you blog stats on occasion…  ok, by “on occasion” I mean multiple times per day.  And one thing you probably notice is that on the weekends you get less traffic and less comments.  I’ve found that from Friday afternoon through Sunday night I only get about half the pageviews and comments on my posts as I do during the week.

So I came up with the HALF-ASSED WEEKEND POST.  This basically gives you an excuse to put only half the effort into your weekend posts – because you know only half the people will read them.

And in doing so, I encourage you to grab the Half Assed Weekend button.  You can get the code along the right side of my page.  Or just right click the image and save it to your computer.  Take it and use it during your next weekend post!

The button was graciously designed by one of my most faithful Simpletons, Amber LaShell.  She does excellent design work if you need any help tweaking or re-doing your blog, a banner ad, button or whatever.  And you’ll notice when you click the link to her blog that she has a Half-Assed Weekend Post up too.

A week ago the Lady Friend and I took a trip along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Minnesota and we try to get up there at least once each year.  So my half-assing this week is basically just a few pictures taken with my crappy camera phone.  The Lady Friend took better ones with her nice digital camera but she’s not around right now and I’m too lazy to get those from her computer.   It’s easier to just plug my phone and copy these over.  Enjoy!

This is on a bluff in Gooseberry Falls State Park.  No, I didn’t see any Gooseberries, whatever the hell they are.  But the Lady Friend did give me a goose.  Woohoo!

And these are the actual Gooseberry Falls.  You can climb all over them as you can tell by the people on the top.  I was afraid to get too close – didn’t want to give the Lady Friend any temptations of pushing me in.

This is just upstream from the falls in the previous picture.  The river runs down the hillside, eventually feeding into Lake Superior so there are lots of falls and river rapids along the way.  I kept looking for a place to launch my kayak.  That’s a joke.

This is down on the shore of the lake, looking up at Split Rock Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is part of a State Park and while we were up there the State of Minnesota was in a “government shutdown” which meant all state parks were closed.  You could sneak in and walk around, but not go in any buildings.  So this was as close as we could get to the actual lighthouse.  I was hoping to sneak inside it and hang a disco ball…  it would give the ships a little fun at night.  

And this last one was on our way back home, in Duluth, Minnesota.  I’m at the end of a long point that sticks out into Lake Superior called Park Point.  I thought it was cool because it has sand beaches and waves rolling in, making it look like an ocean beach.  And there were some people swimming in it too – although I think the water is a bit chilly.  I stayed on land… didn’t want to have any “shrinkage” issues.

You know, seeing the lighthouse picture reminds me of something that happened to me that week.  It may be a story worthy of a post.  So look for a haunted lighthouse post later this week!

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Happy Sunday!



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