Half Assed Weekend – July 30

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It was a wild week for me…  between work functions, the Journey concert on Thursday night and a couple golf outings I didn’t spend much time at home.  I think the Lady Friend was starting to get used to living alone again.  Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it by spending time on the couch this weekend doing nothing.  She’ll be sick of me again before you know it.

Since my plan this weekend is to do very little, I’m half assing my blog post with something from that stupid ass catalog I get in the mail.  For those of you who haven’t seen these, I’ve written a handful of posts featuring items from this ridiculous catalog.  It randomly shows up in the mail every month or two and it’s full of weird stuff that no one would ever buy.  Well, that can’t be entirely true..  someone must be buying this stuff or they wouldn’t keep sending out catalogs.

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This picture sucks… keep in mind I am half-assing this post so it’s just snapped on my cell phone camera.  This ad is for the “17 Piece Man Cave Party Pail Set” which basically is a bucket, four glasses and a shitload of coasters that all say Man Cave on them.

For starters guys, if you TRULY have a legitimate Man Cave it starts with a getaway spot in your house where you can watch TV.  It probably has some sort of sports theme or an item or two showing off your favorite team.  Sometimes music and movies are incorporated into the decor as well.   

True Man Caves also have some sort of a beverage distribution system.  It could be as simple as a small beer fridge, or maybe you’re one of those really lucky bastards that has a refrigerated keg built into your Man Cave.  Some even have an actual bar area.  And you may have a poker table or some seating configuration that lets you invite a few buddies over too.

What a true Man Cave does NOT have in it is a bunch of coasters and other shit that says MAN CAVE on it.  Sorry, that’s just lame.  And if you’re stuck watching the game in a spare bedroom that happens to have a 19″ TV sitting on a dresser, adding a bucket and some glasses does NOT make that room a Man Cave.  I don’t care what the hell is written on them.

In short guys… don’t do this.  You are either cheapening your existing Man Cave or you are fooling yourself.  And you’ll ultimately look like an idiot if you do invite a buddy over to watch a game. 

Just a little Simpleton advice to start off your weekend.

On a different note… as of yesterday my e-book Grow Your Blog: Proven Ways To Add Followers Every Single Day was the #5 top selling Blogging book on Amazon.  Woohoo!  Of course there are not a ton of blogging books on the market – it’s barely in the top 10,000 of ALL books on Amazon… but hey, I’ll take it.

Have you picked up your copy yet?



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