Can We Please Stop Supporting Chris Brown’s Career?

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I loved all your comments on my post yesterday about my favorite movies from 1986.  If you haven’t seen it, click here to read up on it and share your thoughts.  Some of you said I should have included Platoon on my top six list and you are probably right.  I LOVE that movie and it deserved to be in the top six.  I am not sure what would have gotten bumped out… possibly Hoosiers but that would be a tough decision for me.  

Others thought Aliens should have made my list.  I have to argue there.  Alien (the original) was a better movie than Aliens.  Don’t confuse the two.  Aliens was the sequel.  Sure, it’s a good movie but not better than those I listed… sorry, it’s just not.  Don’t agree?  Go back and post a comment! 

That being said….  it’s time to move on to today’s post.

I am not a Chris Brown fan.  To be honest, his music isn’t really my thing.  Normally I can appreciate music styles that are not in my wheelhouse and respect the artists making that music.  Except in the case of an asshole like Chris Brown.  We all know what he did to Rihanna.  For this terrible beating he was sentenced to just community service and probation.  No jail time at all.  In my mind the judicial system failed in that instance, but it is what it is.

The real travesty is that he continues to have a successful career.

Apparently he is starring in a movie that is being filmed right now.  In my weekly Sprocket Ink post I got on my soapbox about the whole Chris Brown thing.  Click here to give it a read will ya?  And be sure to comment over there.  I don’t want to lose my gig writing for them!

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