1986: A Pretty Good Year For Movies

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I’m kind of a movie buff.  That’s a lame way of saying I watch a shit load of movies.  Good movies, bad movies, whatever.  I’ve seen most of the somewhat popular movies released in the last 30 years.  But I’ve never been one of those guys who can quote movies at will, I guess I just don’t retain them that way.

But for some reason I do remember certain 80′s movies a lot better than others.  It could be because I was a teenager all through the 2nd half of the 80′s so those movies hold a special spot for me.  Or more likely its because I first saw those movies before I started killing tons of brain cells with various chemical mood enhancers.  Yeah, that makes more sense.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about movies from 1986 and how it’s the 25th anniversary for them this year.  Those movies were some of my personal favorites for a variety of reasons.  For starters the movies that year kicked ass!!  I was 13 years old in the summer of ’86 and movies, music and chicks were all making a big impression on me – as they do with most 13 year old simple dudes I suppose.

So here, in order, are my top six favorite movies from 1986..  I tried to come up with just five but couldn’t leave Hoosiers off!

6.  Hoosiers - One of the greatest sports movies of all time.  This is a classic and a must see whether you like basketball or not.  Plus Gene Hackman is the shit.

5.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – This movie would be higher on my list in most years, but 1986 was not “most” years.

4. Top Gun – This movie is both a dude flick and a chick flick.  But because it IS part chick flick I can’t keep my Dude card and put it any higher than #4 on my list.

3.  The Color Of Money – I know, TWO Tom Cruise movies on this list.  But this was back when he was cool.  Plus Paul Newman is even more “the shit” than Gene Hackman.  And I have always been a pool player so this movie hits home!

2. Back To School – One of my favorite 80′s movies.  Rodney Dangerfield was a comic genius both on stage and on screen.  If you haven’t seen it, I wrote about a dream I had featuring Rodney a few weeks back.  This isn’t the trailer, but it is a funny clip featuring Sam Kinison.

1.  Stand By Me – This is probably in my top 10 favorite movies of all time.  Well written (based on a book by Stephen King) and well directed (Rob Reiner – the king of 80s movies) and extremely well acted.  Oh and the music ain’t bad either!

And how about these movies from ’86 that just missed my list:  Platoon, Aliens, Heartbreak Ridge, Short Circuit, Pretty In Pink, Crocodile Dundee, Three Amigos, Ruthless People, Karate Kid 2.  Well, maybe not Karate Kid 2 so much.  The Crane was only good for one movie. 

Bonus points to anyone who watches all six of those trailers.

Which is your favorite? 



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