Weiners And Drunks

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Hard to believe but the weekend is over – and I’m back to work already.  Last week was a long one, and this week will be even worse.  We’re extremely busy at work right now and I’m just hoping to get through the next 7 days, after that we get back into a normal routine – which is still kind of busy, but the type of busy I can handle.  Not like this shit with crazy stuff happening and plans changing every 4 hours.  Yeah, I know I’m whining but that’s ok, you’ll get over it. 

That being said I am going to be half-assing it this week.  I have a short post today, then probably wont have another until Wednesday or Thursday. 

For today I have a couple photos to share… first (and I swear this will be the last time I mention this guy) I have a photo from a news story I saw last week.

It just goes to show you how far things have gone with this Anthony Weiner asshole when he inspires Anti-Weiner protesting.  Damn!

The next photo takes a little explanation.  In Minnesota we have something we call Whiskey Plates which is a slang term for a special license plate people have to put on their cars after getting multiple DUIs.  I think it’s meant for police to be able to immediately spot them – therefore keep an eye on them.  But in truth it ends up being a way of embarrassing them… everyone knows you’re a drunk.

As I mentioned once before in a post, when one of these cars cuts me off or just plain pisses me off, instead of giving them the finger I give them the old thumb and pinky hand movement like you’re tippin’ back a mug-o-beer.  Ha!  Anyway, take a look at this photo:

You should be able to click it to make it bigger.  That’s what she said. 

I took a pic of this mini van while waiting for a stop light last week.  Not only does it have Whiskey Plates (they always start with a WH or a WD) but also Jagermeister stickers.  Ummm…  someone’s not learning a fucking lesson here are they?  Cops are already looking for reasons to pull over people with a Whiskey Plate, do you really need to throw fuel on that drunken fire?

What an asshole.


P.S. I briefly went over the 2,000 followers mark a couple times in the last week, before dropping back to 1,999.  But for now, as I write this, my 2,000th follower is Powdered Toast Man from Just The Cheese.  I just recently discovered his blog too and it’s worth checking out – give him a click!


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